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Welcome to our non-conformist church records for Woodbridge, Suffolk.

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These records have been typed up from the original record books of Beaumont Baptist Church, formerly known as Beaumont Chapel. See the church history for details of the change of name. The original record books are now in the Suffolk County Record Office but they contain no more information than is recorded here.

As these web pages are more than just a database we have not been constrained by preformmatted data fields and have therefore entered all the data available. That is birth records give in most cases both birth and baptism dates, and likewise both death and burial dates are given where they were recorded. Many of the records give additional information such as occupation and all this is included.

The data from the original records has been entered 'as written' with no alterations to correct spelling or other mistakes. Where an error has been found or is suspected, and where there is doubt over what was written then this is indicated with a note written in italic text placed in square brackets [like this].

All dates are shown in UK format as DD/MM/YYYY.

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