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"I Thomas Carthew Superintendent Registrar of the Woodbridge Union do hereby Certify that the building named Cuttings lane Chapel situated at Cuttings lane in the parish of Woodbridge in the County of Suffolk in the district of the Woodbridge Union being a building certified according to Law as a place of religious Worship was on the first day of December One thousand eight hundred and forty duly registered for solemnizing marriages therein pursuant to the Act of the Sixth and seventh William the fourth chapter Eighty five.

Witness my hand this ninth day of December One thousand eight hundred and forty.

Thos. Carthew

Superintendent Registrar"



Council office, Whitehall

17 August 1854


I am directed by the Lord President of the Council to transmit to you for the Information and Guidance of all whom it may concern, the enclosed Order of her Majesty in Council directing that no New Burial Ground shall be opened in the places therein named, without the previous approval of One of Her Majesty’s Principal Secretaries of State, and for discontinuing Burials in Beaumont Chapel Burial Ground, Woodbridge

I am, Sir, Your most obedient Servant

Wm L Bathurst"




31st March 1860


Application having been made to Secretary Sir George Lewis for permission for the future interment of the Remains of Mrs Henry Taylor in the Family Vault of her late Husband Mr Geo. Banyard in the Beaumont Chapel Burial Ground, Woodbridge, and Sir George Lewis being satisfied that the exercise of the Right of Interment in her case will not be injurious to the Public Health, and that the said Right existed at the time of the passing of the Act 16 & 17 Vict. c.134, he hereby grants Licence for the interment of the Remains of Mrs Henry Taylor, when deceased, in such Vault in the said Burial Ground, provided that the Vault, when required, be opened without disturbing soil that has already been buried in, and that the coffin be embedded in a layer of powdered charcoal, four inches at the least in thickness and separately entombed in Brick or Stonework cemented in an Air-tight manner.

I am,


Your obedient Servant,

H Waddington"



Inscription on Communion Plate

This Salver, (with a Silver Chalice) was given by Mr C G Allen, of Woodbridge, in the Year 1788, for the use of the New Meeting House, erected by Mr Beaumont. In case the Lord's Supper should not be administered, or the Congregation become extinct, it was his Will, that both the Chalice and Salver should be sold for the benefit of the most necessitous Poor within the Parish of Woodbridge.


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