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Here you can read the story of 'The Hands'.


Rick Kirby


In 2014 Woodbridge Quay Church commissioned a piece of art that says welcome, and draws the eye. That says this is a healthy place where God is encountered. A piece of art that might speak of .... watching over, sitting with, standing alongside, inviting in, peace-experiencing, life-filled.

Funding for the sculpture was received as a gift through a faithful church member. One whose life was committed to Jesus Christ her Lord and Saviour, and lived out in loving service to Him and for others.

The finished sculpture (the Hands) represents giving and receiving on several levels – in our relationships with one another as well as in our relationship with God.

The words I HOLD AND AM HELD bear witness to the act of putting our trust in God. In faith we hold onto Him – He is our Strength and our ever-present Help. Our Hope is in Him and He holds us securely and lovingly as our Father God.

Rick Kirby, the sculptor, exhibits widely and has several works publicly sited across the UK. His sculptures are fabricated from small pieces of steel welded together. Further examples of his work may be found on rickkirby.com/portfolio.htm




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